Now Plant

  • Put organic dirt on top of bales – Use last year’s compost
  • Poke holes in bales and plant starters. Put dirt or compost around plant
  • Put more organic dirt or compost over seeds
  • Water
  • Re-fertilize and every 6 weeks after - Low nitrogen, high other 2 numbers- Phosphorous and Potassium.  N-P-P

Getting the Garden Ready


  • Stake out the area
  • Put down landscaping wire to protect against critters
  • Put weed cloth over it and stake down
  • Use the staples to hold in place
  • Place the bales. I used 20 bales and 2 inside aisles.
  • If your garden is on cement, put down a plastic sheet for easy clean-up
  • Make sure the aisles stay weed-free – cardboard, plastic  etc.
  • Put down the metal fencing stakes w/driver
  • Create wire lattice - 20 gauge wire or better
  • Add the drip system



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Conditioning the Bales

  • Add fertilizer – HIGH IN NITROGEN
  • Organic – 1- 2 lbs per bale
  • Can use guano, bone meal and wood ash
  • Commercial Lawn  Fertilizer (works quickly but your yard will stink like a chemical factory – 2 to 3 beer cups per bale. NO INSECTICIDES – Use Milorganite

Water and Feed for 2 Weeks

  • Water every couple days
  • Feed with more fertilizer if you are using organic
  • Get internal temperature of bales to 70+degrees